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Appleton's No Wisconsin Puppy Mills Group
at 2008 Oshkosh Pet Expo

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Volunteers from the Appleton, WI, No Wisconsin Puppy MIills group set up an informational table at the Oshkosh Pet Expo.


       There are many ways you can help end suffering in Wisconsin Puppy Mills. Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project's greatest need at the moment is for people to help us Get the Word Out, either through protests or through informational tables/booths at pet-themed events, county fairs, shelter fund-raisers, etc.

       On 15 - 16 March 2008, the No Wisconsin Puppy Mills Group in Appleton, Wisconsin set up an informational table at the Oshkosh Wisconsin Pet Expo. Cathy G. reports from the first day:

       We talked all day until we are all hoarse. Many people stopped at our booth to ask about puppy mills. Seems the bust in Wood County has spurred a lot of interest and a lot of talk. Many people were not aware of the plight of the puppy mill dogs, and we did our very best to educate them and encourage them to contact their lawmakers, and check the NO puppy mill site.

       As of the end of today, we've thus far collected 161 signatures, and approx. $100.00 in donations (have not counted change yet). We even ran out of petition sheets, and Karen had to run out to have some extras made. While she was there, she educated the people making the copies, and they signed the sheet as well. Way to go Karen!

       Hope we made some headway for the fur kids today.

       Note: we would be delighted if you would download and display your own copies of the signs, flyers, and "Where Does This Puppy's Mom Live" poster shown in these photos! Click here for details.

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Visitors to the WPMP table at the Oshkosh Pet Expo take the time to sigh the No Wisconsin Puppy Mills petition.

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